Liliane Michel

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Liliane MichelSinger Liliane Michel is a native of Switzerland who has worked with Polo Hofer, Pickpockets of Soul and Nafftones. A multilingual Soul lover, her warm voice that has many facets and characteristics to be heard on her latest CD 'Out Of Oblivion'.

All original songs are sung in English by the co-producer and singer, except 'Ay Si' which is in Spanish. Additionally, 'El Andariego' is a Spanish cover version, and 'Yo No Tengo Nada' has been translated by the singer from English. As first-time songwriter, her texts speak for themselves, reflecting the present times. For example 'Tears Of Tomorrow', 'Human Race', 'Fine Line', 'I Do Get Tired' and 'Love Mercenary' name and emphasize the breakdowns which we all face in our current world dynamics.

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